Session Details FAQ:

Q:  What are the best ages and milestones to capture?

Jill's favorite ages to capture are the newborn phase (between 5 and 10 days), seven months, and one year.  She also loves 18 months, two years and three years.

Q:  How far in advance should I book?

Typically, we book about four-six weeks in advance, although we are sometimes able to accommodate last minute sessions, particularly if you are flexible in scheduling.  For newborn sessions we recommend booking in your second trimester as we only pre-book a small number of newborns for each month, based on due date, to ensure adequate time in our schedule to devote to each client. 

Q:  Where will my session take place?

Sessions may take place at our beautiful in home studio in Chesapeake, at an outdoor location in the area, or at your home. 

Q:  What is a lifestyle session?

Lifestyle photography has a less formal, more everyday REAL look to it. Combine that with real expressions, raw emotion, and true connections.  It’s like posed and un-posed all at the same time.  Lifestyle, to us, is the in-between moments that make up YOUR story.

It’s about capturing a piece of time that evokes that amazing memory, of a time that so quickly passes. It’s your story, a glimpse into your real life and how you live it each day. 

Q:  What is included in the session fee?

Jill's session fee includes the time and talent of your photographer during your photo shoot, a pre-session consultation, and a private ordering appointment. It covers all the time that goes into preparing for, shooting, and editing images from your session.  All products, including digital images, are purchased separately.

Q:  Do you offer digital files?

Digital files are available, but they are not amongst the specialty products offered within our studio. We are a boutique studio that specializes in creating custom pieces for clients: heirloom albums, beautifully designed birth announcements, stunning pieces of art that grace our client’s homes. Our clients love walking away with finished pieces that they know will someday be passed down to their children.

Q:  What if it rains on our scheduled session date?

Should it rain during a scheduled session date, Jill is happy to open her calendar to her next availability.

Q:  What if my child is sick on our scheduled session date?

Should your child become ill on a scheduled session date, Jill is happy to open her calendar to her next availability.  We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if possible. 

Q:  How quickly after my session can I see the images?  

Images are available for viewing within two to three weeks of a session date.